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"Changing the Lives of one Million Women... and the men who love and support us"

Let's face happens to all of us. But every pain has a purpose! We have all experienced failures in our relationships, career and business. The key to success is using those adversities as FUEL and not EXCUSES to propel you through life. Commit to being in action until your idea of success manifests in your life. Focus on what is possible and not what is predictable. And remember, situations fail...but you are not the failure! It's important to know who you are and let no one else define you! Mediocrity is overcrowded! What do you want your legacy to be? Never give up on your dreams. I firmly believe EVERYONE is a success story waiting to happen!


This is where you will learn the keys to say YES to yourself, put yourself FIRST and learn to become SELF-FULL. Are you tired of feeling uninspired and unenthused in your career, life andrelationships? Stop being the VICTIM and claim your spot as the VICTOR. I will help you uninstall self-doubt and discover the hidden blessings from your adversities. I have been there, and I know what it takes to push through. 


My unique skill is making people MORE of who they already ARE! What sets me apart from all the other executive-level performance coaches? I'm MORE than just a coach. I'm your partner who is truly committed to your success and won't leave you until our work together is done. 

Why fit in when you were meant to stand out?!

stop being the best kept secret (R)



Stop Playing Small and Go For What You Want in Your Career, Business & Relationships

VIP Performance Coaching Program

3 months, Virtual

$9,500 investment

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6 months, Virtual

$16,500 investment

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Have you ever caught yourself lying in bed staring at the ceiling and thinking how unhappy you are in your career or life? Have you ever thought to yourself, “There’s got to be more to life than this!” Has every day felt like the movie “Groundhog Day,” where you are living in a repeated pattern of the same-old-same-old, day in and day out? Are you a powerhouse woman who looks like you have it all together but deep inside you know you have been playing small?


Argh!! That was me, too! I’ve been there and decided to do something about it, and that’s how “Stop Being the Best Kept Secret (R)” was born – out of my own personal exodus from frustration! This is where I hold a safe space for you to explore yourself and discuss what's been keeping you stuck and uninspired. You will learn how to activate your TRUE purpose! I'm here to help you become your true, authentic self in your career, business and relationships by providing you tools to OWN YOUR POWER, TRUTH, HEALING, WORTH & DESTINY!




  • A highly immersive experience with transformational coaching

  • LIVE Coaching Calls

  • Program Modules 

  • Access to Private Facebook Community

  • Special Bonuses

  • Ongoing Program Enrollment 

Installment options available.

VIP Accelerated Mastermind Session


5 hours, Virtual

$8,500 investment

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I get it! You are a true action taker and you just want to get to work! You need fast action one-on-one personal attention solely focused on your breakthrough and journey in life. Well, this is a 1:1 in-person 5-hour Mastermind Session with me, where we will do an accelerated deep dive into each of the modules from my top-rated extended virtual coaching program: OWN YOUR POWER, TRUTH, HEALING, WORTH & DESTINY.


You will leave this session focused, empowered, inspired, motivated and prepared with the tools and action steps to move the needle of success in your career, business, relationships and life in general.


Breakfast and lunch are included in this package.  



This is not just an event...this is a MOVEMENT!!


A full one-day Masterclass designed to ELEVATE, EMPOWER and EQUIP you to propel to your next level of success. A highly immersive experience, this masterclass is here to help you become your true, authentic self in your career, business and relationships.


Click below for the list of guest speakers, locations and Early Bird ticket prices for this masterly level seminar. 


Ready to "Stop Being the Best Kept Secret (R)" but not quite ready to work directly with me due to the investment level requirement? Well...I've created a solution! The Coaches listed below have been personally trained & certified by me in my proprietary signature trademarked program. Their coaching services are a perfect fit for most budgets, while gaining the same high level quality transformation & reinvention expected from "Stop Being the Best Kept Secret (R)"


Contact them directly for details about their individual program packages. 

Image of Jean_edited.jpg

Jean M. Gilliard, SHRM-CP

Certified Career & Life Coach,

HR Consultant

Willow HR Consulting

Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 3.03.10 PM.png

Wendy V. Williams

Personal & Professional Development Coaching Strategist

We are all dedicated to the same mission of this program:

"Changing the lives of ONE MILLION women... and the men who love and support us!"



Group Performance


3 months


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VIP Performance Coaching Program

6 months


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VIP Performance Coaching Program

12 months

Virtual or In-Person

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Coach Certification Program

Become a certified coach with Dr. Tana M. Session!


Select Qualified Clients Only
Contact me below for details.

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